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Credit Score, And Why Is It Important For Your Future...

What is your credit score, and why is it important for your future success? Describe and demonstrate knowledge of credit scores The word credit has its origins on the Latin word â€Å"credere†, meaning â€Å"to place one s heart; to trust, believe† ( A credit score is a number between 300 and 850 that shows lenders the capacity of a borrower to repay loans ( The FICO score was first introduced in 1989 by FICO, then called Fair, Isaac, and Company (source). VantageScore exists as a competitor of FICO score since 2006. It’s been said that capacity was reputation-based in the past -mouth to mouth- which made it hard to judge fairly a person because business’ owners and lenders used to take into account the character of a person (specific habits, etc). So the concept of credit score was invented as a way of making fair decisions for lenders to improve business decisions. It consist on formulas -that evolve with time- that are based on the information of millions of consumers from three key areas of their credit reports: your credit accounts and repayment information (including credit cards, auto loans, student loans, mortgages and rent), public records (such as tax liens, collections or bankruptcies) and inquiries (requests by lenders to access your credit information when you apply for credit). ( There are three national credit bureaus in the U.S. that capture, update and store creditShow MoreRelatedEssay on Teaching Our Children to Make Good Financial Choices1709 Words   |  7 Pagesfront yard, front porch swing, and a dog bouncing about (Calder, 1999, p. 3). So what does it take to acquire this dream one may ask. The answer may seem simple, but rather is the product of years of credit and debit management, defined by the ever illusive credit score and intertwined with financial success, and hard work. Fewer than half of Americans, 44%, actually believe they have attained the American dream, another 31% believe they will acquire it in their lifetime, and only 3% of the nation doesRead MoreShould There Be Grade Requirement For Athletics?1235 Words   |  5 PagesIn order to be on the honor roll, your GPA must be a 3.0. A student’s GPA must be a minimum of 2.0 in the required 16 core classes.Students beginning in their second year of high school, must earn 5 credits which count during state high school graduation requirements. In the beginning of their third year, they must earn 10 credits or 5 credits during the 12 month proceeding the first day of the current school year. Students must take the SAT or ACT and score a minimum of 400 on the SAT or 37Read MoreCase Study Of Hispanic Growth Strategies730 Words   |  3 PagesHispanic Growth Strategy Updates †¢ Ramon will begin to do business development starting in October †¢ Stamford FCU kicked off Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) with a staff celebration on September 15th. For the duration of HHM, the credit union staff will wear buttons wishing members a Happy Hispanic Heritage Month. †¢ Ramon will begin build relations and partnership with community organizations. Ramon has a background in banking, radio, and comedy. Stamford is confident Ramon’s personality will be wellRead MoreWhat Does You Do Outside Of The Classroom?977 Words   |  4 PagesSure success in college means obtaining and maintaining a high GPA however, college is much more than just getting good grades and smiling and nodding at your professor (even when you may not understand a concept). Success is found in what you do outside of the classroom. How are you studying on your own? Are you making the most of resources available to you on campus? Are you being flexible and open minded? Are you participating in activities that will benefit your future career goal(s)? DOS FormRead MoreEducation System Is The Foundation Of Our Society1298 Words   |  6 PagesOur education system is the foundation of our society. The powerful leaders, top politicians, and all important figures in our community have been exposed to our education system when they were younger. One thing the United States’ education system struggles with is teaching kids information that will never apply to their occupation, therefore they forget the information altogether. Looking outside of the United States, it is easy to see that countries like Finland, Canada, and the United KingdomRead MoreIs Finance Management Be Within Students Reach Regardless Of Their Set Of Circumstances?876 Words   |  4 Pageslaziness. Smart money management skills are the key to accomplishment. Success in financial management is a planned process of organization to ultimately avoid debt, save, and achieve life stability. Many students are reckless and enjoy living on the edge with their money not because necessity or benefits, but ease and flexibility, â€Å" Those who pay their credit-card bills on time every month are taking steps to build a solid credit score. But it s far too easy for 20-somethings to misuse their cards.Read MoreEssay On Hispanic Growth And Growth748 Words   |  3 PagesHispanic Growth Strategy Updates †¢ Ramon will start his new role as Business Development ____ in October †¢ Stamford FCU kicked off Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) with a staff celebration on September 15th. For the duration of HHM, the credit union staff will wear buttons wishing members a Happy Hispanic Heritage Month. †¢ Ramon will begin to build relationships and partnerships with community organizations. Ramon has a background in banking, radio, and comedy. Stamford is confident Ramon’s personalityRead MoreThe Importance of Business Assessment1545 Words   |  6 PagesWhy is it important to have an assessment of one’s business? Will it create any difference to where your company stands right now? As a leader, how will you create and implement business strategies towards your company? As I am composing my ideas on which to discuss about my current employer, I ended up thinking about what could be the best quote that will be the bench mark for me to begin this analysis. I ended up looking for one person that inspires not only me but a lot of people, companiesRead MoreAir Asia1297 Words   |  6 PagesThe new competitive edge A survey conducted by Management Centre Europe shows how managers view service and the key issues affecting future profitability and growth. customer unless it has been explained to them. Communicating this message is a priority for any company. †¢ There needs to be more systematic measurement of customer satisfaction. Not enough companies have accurate intelligence systems. THE SERVICE PRIORITY INDEX Two key points in the questionnaire have been combined in the finalRead MoreCareer And College Research Paper1741 Words   |  7 Pagesand how they interact with the world around them (â€Å"Psychologists†). I chose this career, because I’ve always loved listening to people and understanding why people do the things they do. Also, I’ve always had a strong desire to help others lead easier lives and give them the tools to deal with their personal problems and life. It is important to understand the education or training requirements, skills or talents needed, salary and benefits offered, and the duties for a particular career when making

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Summary Of The Cultural Logic Of Media Convergence

In Henry Jenkins’ article â€Å"The Cultural Logic of Media Convergence†, he discusses areas of tension and necessary negotiations regarding media convergence in the modern world. In a landscape that places an emphasis on digital communication and internet advertisements, media companies are facing a significant shift from previous norms. What used to be a typically paper broadcasting and entertainment world is now almost entirely online. On topics such as regulating media content, there is much up to debate about who is responsible for responding to this culture change. While companies and brands can decide how much to regulate their content to an audience, ultimately the most responsibility is in the involvement of official government†¦show more content†¦The people who wish to censor the mainstream media as so are what Jenkins refers to as â€Å"cultural conservatives† (p. 38). These regulations extend outside of inappropriate radio music, and beyond the music industry as a whole. They work to keep surveillance on global communication. While some believe this is a necessary process to keep control on a possibly harmful network, others believe this goes too far, and wish to enforce a self-regulated system over government involvement. The purpose of these directives are to bring order to a disorganized industry. Sticking with the example of the music industry, there are subtle, yet stern rules to follow in order to stay in legal jurisdiction according to restrictions put in place by these organizations. Otherwise, the FCC can hold stations and DJs responsible. Some restrictions may seem trivial. Payola and plugola are two concepts that often are not completely understand by the amateur radio host. An example of the concept’s arguably triviality is the fact that DJs may get into trouble for promoting their outside place of work. However, this is in place for a reason. This is to prevent an idea called â€Å"employee theft†, a concept of stealing the shows platform to promote for their own benefit. Other regulations are in place for obvious and necessary reasons. For example, delivering false information in regards to official criminal or incidental events as an announcer goes against FCC regulations. ToShow MoreRelatedDiscourse on Method Essay example3627 Words   |  15 Page sappropriate to a given occasion (Lanham 1991: 166-170). In a more contemporary sense heuretic is defined by the OED as the branch of logic which treats of the art of discovery or invention. Both senses of this word, along with its more familiar cognate heuristic, are significant for the project embarked upon in Gregory Ulmers latest book, Heuretics: The Logic of Invention. In a continuation of a project begun in his two earlier works, Applied Grammatology and Teletheory, Heuretics seeks to Read More Japanese Animation and Identity Essay3705 Words   |  15 Pages â€Å"as much as the West itself, the Orient is an idea that has a history and a tradition of thought, imagery, and vocabulary that have given it reality and presence in and for the West† (5). The complex network of political, economical, academic, cultural, or geographical realities of the Orient called â€Å"Orientalism† is a way of coming to terms with the Orient, or to be less geographically specific, the Other. Although Said defines Orientalism to be specifically Franco-British experience in the ArabRead MoreEntry Strategies: Strategic Alliances3996 Words   |  16 PagesENTRY STRATEGIES: STRATEGIC ALLIANCES I. INTRODUCTION The past two decades has been an era of global evolution, in which the globalisation of markets, the convergence of and rapid shifts in technologies, and the breakdown of many traditional industry boundaries, has rendered strategic alliances a competitive necessity (Ohmae, 1989). A single firm is unlikely to possess all the resources and capabilities to achieve global competitiveness. Therefore, collaboration among organisations that possessRead MorePost Bureaucracy and the Politics7341 Words   |  30 Pagessector professionals contested â€Å"post bureaucratic† pressures for marketisation and organisational disaggregation. Originality/value – The paper shows the ways in which large-scale technological, regulatory and organisational change was mediated by cultural continuities and recurrent â€Å"surges† of managerial control. Keywords Television, Organizational change, Bureaucracy, United Kingdom Paper type Case study Introduction: recent debate on post bureaucracy Comment on the â€Å"end† of bureaucracy is derivedRead MoreEvolution of Human Resource Management7638 Words   |  31 Pagesglobalization? We argue that HRM systems in these Asian firms most likely will evolve toward â€Å"bounded convergence. The demands and ex† pectations of the HR function to take on strategic roles (versus administrative roles) and address critical HR issues like attracting and retaining key talent, building talent pipelines, and creating high-performing cultures are greater than ever. We conclude with a high-level summary of the key contribution of the eight articles covered in this Special Issue.  © 2008 Wiley PeriodicalsRead MoreElectronic Media13295 Words   |  54 PagesMatter of Time: Field Differences and the Shaping of Electronic Media in Supporting Scientific Communication Rob Kling Geoffrey McKim April 27, 2000 Indiana University School of Library and Information Science 10th Jordan, Bloomington, IN 47405 USA +1 812 855 5113, Accepted for publication in: Journal of the American Society for Information Science Abstract The shift towards the use of electronic media in scholarly communication appears to be an inescapable imperativeRead MoreTraditional African Family19679 Words   |  79 PagesReligion teaching styles and also to meet the needs of a Chapter 8 Families and households particular group of students. Chapter 9 Power, politics and the state Chapter 11 Education Chapter 12 Culture and identity Chapter 13 Communication and the media Chapter 14 Methodology Chapter 15 Sociological theory Themes and Perspectives Contents Introduction Sociological perspectives Chapter 1 Social stratification Sex and gender Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Race, ethnicity and nationality Chapter 4 Poverty andRead MoreService Innovation in Hospitality Industry18482 Words   |  74 Pagesbeen in its maturity period for a long time. Confronted with fierce competition and the current global economic crisis, it becomes a hot topic in Hotel Industry how to maintain and raise revenues. By shifting focus from „Goods-Dominant Logic‟ to „Service-Dominant Logic‟, Service Science presents a new perspective on value creation and service experience. In this new perspective, value is co-created by various roles, experienced and evaluated by customers. However, the problem is how to implement theoriesRead MoreA Project on Industrial Relations and Labour Welfare16776 Words   |  68 Pagesworkshops, national questionnaires have been developed (see appendices). We are grateful to Dr. Horst Hart, the FENIX programme at the Stockholm School of Economics, who has had the responsibility for reporting from the two workshops. We hope that his summary as well as appendices and our concluding remarks will stimulate the future dialogue on better and more innovative workplaces in Europe. Stockholm, June 30, 2005 Kenneth Abrahamsson Programme Director, FAS Erling Ribbing Programme Manager, VINNOVARead MoreResearch on Persuasive Techniques Used in Advertising Industry12297 Words   |  50 PagesMass Media MEANING OF MASS COMMUNICATION Mass Communication is the term used to describe the academic study of various means by which individuals and entities relay information to large segments of the population all at once through mass media. In the United States, many university journalism departments evolved into schools or colleges of mass communication or journalism and mass communication, as reflected in the names of two major academic organizations. In addition to studying practical skills

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Disadvantges of Joint Family Free Essays

extended family also has some disadvantages just like any other thing. For instance, one’s privacy may be denied in some cases because of the large number of people. There are some things you will want to do alone or sometimes one may want to think or spend time alone in privacy all of which is very hard to do in the extended family especially a very large one. We will write a custom essay sample on Disadvantges of Joint Family or any similar topic only for you Order Now There is also a kind of monarchy in extended family. A decision made by the over head which is usually the grandfather cannot be challenged any other person. This is a disadvantage because one may not be allowed to exercise his rights of freewill to something. Some Children get spoilt in extended family by the grandparents. Because the grandparents so love them, they are given freewill to almost anything for some even the bad deeds are ignored. The grandparents may also prevent the parents from taking action on their children and this brings about disrespect from the child’s end. Trouble, quarrel and conflicts are almost inevitable in extended family. Most times, there are fights especially when there is no mutual understanding among members. You hear about cousins fighting cousins, an uncle hates his nephew and so on and so forth. On the other hand, quarrels are almost null in the nuclear family. Who do you want to fight? Your siblings or parents. But in the extended family, due to the large size and little far relationship between people, these conflicts tend to prevail. Looking at both sides, it can be deduced that even though extended family has some disadvantages, still yet, the advantages outweighs the disadvantages. Its practice in Africa should therefore be preserved. People should realize the value of having family there to help support them when in need and to give them wisdom in ways that were never thought to be possible. How to cite Disadvantges of Joint Family, Papers

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The Lovers Authority In John Donnes Essay Example For Students

The Lovers Authority In John Donnes Essay John Donnes The Sun Rising is certainly not a typical love poem. The poet uses imagery, structure and omission to indicate the egocentricity of the lovers. Through the use of these devices, the poet persona is attempting to convince the reader that the private world of lovers is superior to the wider public world. Through imagery, the poet is able to convey the lovers feelings of superiority. The expected sentiment toward the sun would normally be that of adoration and worship. The sun brings life; everything is dependent on it. When the sun is personified, as it is in this poem, it is usually so that the people on Earth can idolize it. However, in this case, the sun is portrayed as an antagonist. An idol is not usually described with words such as busy old fool unruly (1). By using such unpleasant adjectives to relate to the sun, the lovers must automatically appear outstanding in comparison. The structure of the poem is also used to indicate the egoism of the lovers. The perfect construction can be seen by the rhyme scheme and the amount of syllables. There is a set rhyme scheme that is followed through the whole poem: ABBACDCDEE. We will write a custom essay on The Lovers Authority In John Donnes specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now There is also a set amount of syllables per line: 8, 4, 10, 10, 8, 8, 10, 10, 10, 10. Although it is difficult to understand a passion that can be structured or tamed, the reader is lulled into accepting it and enjoying the organization. It is when the poet strays from this pattern that the seeming precision is called into question. Line 25 jolts the reader because it breaks the pattern: it has an extra syllable. Thou, sun, art half as happy as we, (25) would initially appear to be an ordinary love-sick statement that belongs in a love poem. The extra syllable in happy causes the reader to question the poet personas true happiness. If someone is truly happy, it is unnecessary to point out his or her emotion to others. In the case of a poem, the feeling should leap off the page through the mood of the piece. Instead the overwhelming sentiment ranges from anger to mocking to self-centred. In the first stanza, the sun causes the lovers to feel anger towards it. They are annoyed that they must be awakened to deal with their actions. This resentment is shown by the use of Saucy pedantic wretch (5). The poet persona is saying that the sun is a disrespectful, conscienceless person who enjoys watching the lovers suffering. When the sun appears, must to motions lovers seasons run (4). All those surprised by the suns arrival feel guilt and therefore hide from the initiator of this feeling. The poet persona then tells the sun to leave the lovers alone: go chide / Late schoolboys and sour prentices, / Go tell court huntsmen that the King will ride, / Call country ants to harvest offices (5-8). He would rather that the sun is making others feel guilty for their tardiness, their inferior skill at hunting, or their procrastination at working on their farm, than arousing his own sensitivities. He also seems to feel that he has some superiority over the sun. In the second stanza the tone becomes more mocking. If the sun is so remarkable to have beams that are reverend and strong (11), then how is it that the poet persona can eclipse and cloud them with a wink (13)? His lover is outstanding in comparison to the sun because while he may be able to block out the suns beams, the sun would be blinded (15) by her eyes. .ucabad7e44486bd94d698e5ccacbfd178 , .ucabad7e44486bd94d698e5ccacbfd178 .postImageUrl , .ucabad7e44486bd94d698e5ccacbfd178 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .ucabad7e44486bd94d698e5ccacbfd178 , .ucabad7e44486bd94d698e5ccacbfd178:hover , .ucabad7e44486bd94d698e5ccacbfd178:visited , .ucabad7e44486bd94d698e5ccacbfd178:active { border:0!important; } .ucabad7e44486bd94d698e5ccacbfd178 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .ucabad7e44486bd94d698e5ccacbfd178 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .ucabad7e44486bd94d698e5ccacbfd178:active , .ucabad7e44486bd94d698e5ccacbfd178:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .ucabad7e44486bd94d698e5ccacbfd178 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .ucabad7e44486bd94d698e5ccacbfd178 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .ucabad7e44486bd94d698e5ccacbfd178 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .ucabad7e44486bd94d698e5ccacbfd178 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .ucabad7e44486bd94d698e5ccacbfd178:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .ucabad7e44486bd94d698e5ccacbfd178 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .ucabad7e44486bd94d698e5ccacbfd178 .ucabad7e44486bd94d698e5ccacbfd178-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .ucabad7e44486bd94d698e5ccacbfd178:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: A Streetcar Named Desire Coursework EssayDespite the fact that the sun will travel around the world, able to see all sorts of exotic locations, such as India (17) the kings (19), referring to the lovers, will still be in bed. The poet is trying to assume some control over the sun. In the third stanza the self-centred nature becomes overwhelming. While referring to himself and his lover the poet persona says, She is all states, and all princes I, / Nothing else is. / Princes do but play us (21-23). They are more important than all the other countries and royalty. In fact, these seemingly important people are simply trying to mimic the lovers. The sun is also assumed to be elderly: Thine age asks ease (27) which relates this situation to teenagers and parents. The young persons feel that because of the significant age difference, their parents do not understand them. This is the case with the lovers. It was believed that the sun revolved around the Earth, but the lovers take this belief one step further: they believe that their bed is the centre of the universe. The sun revolves around them: This bed thy center is, these walls thy sphere (30). Another indication of the superiority of the lovers is that the poet persona tells the reader almost nothing about the girl, but rather focuses on how the private world of lovers somehow obliterates the rest of the world. The only direct comment about the female is that regarding her eyes blinding the sun (15), and this statement is only made to assert authority over the sun. The rest of the humanity is unimportant when compared to the lovers. They tell the sun Since thy duties be / To warm the world, thats done in warming us. Shine here to us, and thou art everywhere (27-29). They believe that they are representative of all other life on the planet. By following their commands, the sun is truly doing what is best for Earth. Even all the power and riches are unnecessary in contrast to the lovers: all honors mimic, all wealth alchemy (24). The lovers embodiment of all humanity is especially significant because of the lack of description of the female. Through the use of language, poetic structure, and omission, the poet is able to convey an impression of the lovers complete authority. The relationship between the lovers must somehow embody the whole world.

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An Introduction to Iambic Pentameter

An Introduction to Iambic Pentameter When we speak of the meter of a poem, we are referring to its overall rhythm, or, more specifically, the syllables and words used to create that rhythm. One of the most interesting in literature is iambic pentameter, which  Shakespeare nearly always used when writing in verse. Most of his plays were also written in iambic pentameter, except for lower-class characters, who speak in prose. Iamb What Iamb In order to understand iambic pentameter, we must first understand what an iamb is. Simply, put an iamb (or iambus) is a unit of stressed and unstressed syllables that are used in a line of poetry. Sometimes called an iambic foot, this unit can be a single word of two syllables or two words of one syllable each. For instance, the word airplane is one unit, with air as the stressed syllable and plane as the unstressed. Likewise, the phrase the dog is one unit, with the as the unstressed syllable and dog as the stressed.   Putting the Feet Together Iambic pentameter refers to the number of total syllables in a line of poetry- in this case, 10, composed of five pairs of alternating unstressed and stressed syllables. So the rhythm ends up sounding like this: ba-BUM / ba-BUM / ba-BUM / ba-BUM / ba-BUM Most of Shakespeare’s famous lines fit into this rhythm. For example: If mu- / -sic be / the food / of love, / play on(Twelfth Night) But, soft! / What light / through yon- / -der win- / -dow breaks?(Romeo and Juliet) Rhythmic Variations In his plays, Shakespeare didn’t always stick to ten syllables. He often played around with iambic meter  to give color and feeling to his character’s speeches. This is the key to understanding Shakespeares language. For instance, he sometimes added an extra unstressed beat at the end of a line to emphasize a characters mood. This variation is called a feminine ending, and  this famous question is the perfect example: To be, / or not / to be: / that is / the ques- / -tion(Hamlet) Inversion Shakespeare also reverses the order of the stresses in some iambi to help emphasize certain words or ideas. If you look closely at the fourth iambus in the quote from Hamlet above, you can see how he has placed an emphasis on the word â€Å"that† by inverting the stresses. Occasionally, Shakespeare will completely break the rules and place two stressed syllables in the same iambus, as the following quotation demonstrates: Now is / the win- / -ter of / our dis- / content(Richard III) In this example, the fourth iambus emphasizes that it is â€Å"our discontent,† and the first iambus emphasizes that we are feeling this â€Å"now.† Why Is Iambic Pentameter Important? Shakespeare will always feature prominently in any discussion of iambic pentameter because he used the form with great dexterity, especially in his sonnets, but he did not invent it. Rather, it is a standard literary convention that has been used by many writers before and after Shakespeare. Historians are not sure how the speeches were read aloud- whether delivered naturally or with an emphasis on the stressed words. This is unimportant. What really matters is that the study of iambic pentameter gives us a glimpse into the inner workings of Shakespeare’s writing process, and marks him as a master of rhythm to evoke specific emotions, from dramatic to humorous.

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Comparative Advantage Essays

Comparative Advantage Essays Comparative Advantage Essay Comparative Advantage Essay I have chosen the Comparative Advantage Theory for my key term to discuss. I chose this term because it has a great importance on world trade clearly help shape the pattern of world trade, and also to get a better understanding of the concept. Comparative Advantage is the benefit or advantage of an economy to be able to produce a commodity at a lesser opportunity cost. According to Stalemate (2009), opportunity cost is the value of what had to be given up, or forgone, to consume or achieve the object. This term simply meaner, countries should specialize in a certain lass of products for export, but import the rest of product even if the country holds an absolute advantage in all products. The scholarly article I chose this week to discuss is, State should target sectors where the country industry has a comparative advantage written by T. T Ram Moan. The article talks about Justine Hussy Lines book titled The Quest for Prosperity. The book attempts to give solutions to the world financial crisis. In the article he talks about Lines distinguishes between advanced nations and developing ones in the short-run, and how money stimulus ill be effective for developing nations and not advanced nations, and also discuses Lines perspectives for Long-term growth. According to the article, government must identify the right growth sectors and support investment in those sectors, because it will lead to the overall growth in that economy. A key example is what Singapore did in the sasss when they focused on specialty chemicals that resulted in drawing developed nations into their economy (Moan, 2012). This seems pretty easy but has failed in many nations because it is hard to sometimes identify the sectors that truly eve Comparative Advantage in an economy. The theory encourages nations to engage in true free trade and to specialize in areas where they can be very effective and efficient at lower cost, instead of looking to bolster weak industries from foreign competition by imposing protective tariffs that otherwise stifle the production that leads to overall gains in wealth. Even though this theory has a huge advantage on global trade, it does have its flaws, which includes the following: It may overstate the benefits of specialization by ignoring certain costs. These costs include transport costs and any external costs associated with trade, such as air and sea pollution. Also it does not take into account relative prices and exchange rates, and also assumes perfect mobility of factors without any diminishing returns. Furthermore, complete specialization might create structural unemployment as some workers cannot transfer from one sector to another.

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Supplemental Exercise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Supplemental Exercise - Essay Example Visitor’s browser downloads the CSS file just once and re-used the same file for other pages on a site. Dividing style from content makes life very comfortable for visitors who opt to view just the content of a webpage, or to change the content. These could be low sighted people who may use a screen reader to translate a page. Best practice for the use of CSS is creating you HTML first. Most designers develop their CSS all at once they create the HTML. Though it appears logical to develop both at the same time, but in reality you will save more time if you generate the entire HTML prototype first. The reason for using this method is that we recognize all the elements of our website site layout, but we do not know what CSS we’ll need with our design. Developing the HTML layout firstly allows us to visualize the entire webpage as completely, and permits you to think of your CSS in a top-down fashion (Biundo & Enge,